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Vanessa Kary

Dream Series by Vanessa Kary

Dream Series is a collection of 36 original abstract paintings using colour, movement, and the feelings from each dream as inspiration for each piece.

Vanessa Kary


Inspired to create art at an early age, Vanessa excelled in art studies throughout her 12 years of public school. After graduating from Medicine Hat High School in 1996, she attended the Visual Communications program at Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She continued to apply her artistic skills in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, illustration, lithography, art history, graphic design and website design classes.  In 2005, she enrolled in the Architectural Technologies program at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta where she graduated with honors in 2007.

After working full-time over the next three years at a Calgary Architecture Firm, in early 2010, Vanessa felt an overwhelming creative urge and desire to express herself. She started painting again and her passion for abstract expressionism began to emerge.

Since 2010, Vanessa’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows across Alberta and has been sold to private collectors across North America. She has also donated works to various charity events and fundraisers in Calgary, Alberta, including the Art Gallery of Calgary’s Annual fundraising Art Auction “Masterpiece Contemporary” in March of 2013.

She’s continues to paint in her home studio in Calgary, Alberta.

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