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Pat Wagensveld

Artist Leaves Sunny Legacy

The following tribute was written by Susan Jones and published in the January 1st edition of the St. Albert Gazette. Since it's too difficult to fully express the feelings felt right now and all that Pat has contributed and received from the St. Albert community this article expresses quite well her legacy.

Abstraction to the Power of 5

Abstract to the Power of 5, VASA's show for August, features abstract works by five artists; Connie Osgood, Karin-Ann Bosma, Kristine McGuinty, Miles Constable, and Pat Wagensveld in the Abstract genre.

5 Takes on Abstraction

Lifetime Achievement in the Arts!

Mayor's Celebration of the Arts

Friday night's Mayor's Celebration of the Arts gala honoured many artists in multiple fields.  The list of nominees for the 7 categories were the finest artists that St. Albert has to offer.  Pat Wagensveld (VASA President) was nominated in two categories; Leadership in the Arts, and Lifetime Achievement in the Arts!  She has been honoured to receive the Mayor's Lifetime Achievement award in the Arts.

Pat Wagensveld


Narrative Statement regarding my abstract painting practice

I live in an age where compelling information is ingrained in life and has become part of my observation where circumstances demand a response.  These opportunities, whether physical or mental, influence and modify my view on reality. 

I assimilate the idea of abstraction from an intellectual place.  The simplification and the complexity is not about the subject  it’s about the whole range of history of emotions that come from such places that are raw, intense and open, and still emergent the subject matter registered in my core and resonated so much it had to be expressed on canvas. 

“Art is a matter strictly of experience, not of principles, and what counts first and last in art is quality; all other things are secondary”.  Art and Culture Clement Greenberg

I am a multi-media visual artist, born in northern rural England, who now resides in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.  

Pat Wagensveld   BFA

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