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VASA Curiosity evite

cu•ri•os•i•ty [kyoor-ee-os-i-tee]
1) The desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.
2) A curious, rare, or novel thing.
3) A strange, curious, or interesting quality.
4) Archaic: carefulness (careful attention to detail); fastidiousness (requiring or characterized by excessive care or delicacy; painstaking).

Abstraction to the Power of 5

Abstract to the Power of 5, VASA's show for August, features abstract works by five artists; Connie Osgood, Karin-Ann Bosma, Kristine McGuinty, Miles Constable, and Pat Wagensveld in the Abstract genre.

Dream Series by Vanessa Kary

Dream Series is a collection of 36 original abstract paintings using colour, movement, and the feelings from each dream as inspiration for each piece.

Wet Paint

Wet Paint Invitation

VASA presents our annual exhibition featuring a selection of small works by resident and non-resident artists.

Wild Alberta

Wild Alberta

From the smallest insects to the vast Rockies Alberta's natural wonders invite a closer look.

5 Takes on Abstraction

ArtWorks 2012

ArtWalks Advertisement

VASA presents ArtWorks 2012 during Alberta Culture Days with displays by resident and guest artists. Please join us for this celebration and our Grand Opening.

Diverse Energy

DIVERSE ENERGY - The Art of Peg McPherson, Linda Willard, and Helen Rogers

Diversity hits VASA in an energetic storm for the month of September when three of its non-resident members exhibit their work in the studios. While VASA’s new location in the Hemingway Centre is home to the studios of many resident members, the space is vibrant with activity and an amazing space to exhibit work for residents, non-residents and the public alike. Peg McPherson’s acrylic paintings burst with strong contrasts of values that tie in beautifully with the colourful mixed-media work of Helen Rogers. Finishing off the trio is the clay work of Linda Willard, with wall pieces that invoke the energy of the outdoor firing process.

The Wild, Life Show

The Wild, Life Show Invitation

The Wild, Life Show - our featured show for October runs from the first to the twenty-fifth of October. Come in and see what our four resident artists, Vicki Armstrong, Heather Howard, Carol Johnson and Carla Beerens have been up to.

Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky: Portraits of Rural Alberta

An exhibition of new works by Marilynn Jeffery and David Scott.