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Frank van Veen



Most of my life, my home has been Edmonton and, since 2000, it is in Parkland County.

I studied art at the University of Alberta in the early 1970’s; worked as a labourer, as a carpenter and as a teacher.  I am a husband, a father and a grandfather.

In 2002 I started painting again and since then have been working in art as a VASA resident artist, working at Art Space for The Learning Centre Literacy Association, and as Artist on the Wards at the University of Alberta Hospitals.

My work has been shown locally in the Edmonton area in the past ten years:   Parkwest Painters Show, The Kings University College, Studio Gallery, the Glenrose Blue Curve Gallery, the Stanley Milner Library, local churches, and at the EAG.

About the Art – some thoughts on my journey along the road of life. . .

The heart, the mind and the hand are all involved in art.  We are intentional, purposeful and meaningful in what we make. Art reveals something about our life in this world that hasn’t been shown before.  Art is one way to make a contribution to glorify and honour the Creator who is the true artist.  Art like any and every endeavour is subject to that aim – to live in right relationship with the creator and in so doing live in right relationship to our fellow creatures.  That’s how we bring out the true potential of our humanity. Making art helps do that.  Enjoying art and sharing and discussing what we “see” helps do that too.

Art should be seen “live” not virtually or in reproduction.  Go to a gallery or drop by the studio and look, see and connect.  To get the most out of a relationship you have to meet:  see, feel, hear, taste and smell.  Can you love someone that you know only by a photograph?  Can you quench your thirst by looking at a picture of a glass of water?  Come for a visit.

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