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Sacred Places

Sacred Places by Pat Wagensweld

This painting by Pat Wagensveld was chosen by her husband Harry to be displayed at the Celebration of her Life.  At first glance from across the room I felt the sense of shelter and safety combined with a strong  intimacy and communion that were portrayed by the sunflowers, not hiding but just finding themselves under a larger leaf.  Now isn't this surprising when you know that sunflowers seek the sunshine and turn toward it for life.  Somehow they find themselves there together -- maybe it isn't a sunny day and there is perhaps the threat of storm or some such.   There is no bright light or deep shadow here.  Actually, we see the large leaf has a dark topside  and the light is coming from underneath.  This is not a natural light but rather a supernatural light.  Maybe a sacred light for a sacred place.

I have never asked Pat how she reconciled the sunflower world with her abstract world but, I don't think I need to now.  Just looking at her work on this website shows the spiritual quest she was on in her painting.  The close, loving method in the working of the medium she applied combined with the relation of contrasting values and textures in her abstracts were as real as the relationships portrayed in her sunflowers.  To Pat they all are Sacred Places.  Good choice, Harry.