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Peg McPherson



Education: Earning a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Alberta was the beginning of my formal Art Eduction. Since that time, I have taken many courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, batik, computer and photography. Every exposure to a new medium or other artists becomes a source of inspiration to explore in a new direction.

I have had the pleasure of teaching art to many groups of individuals ranging from Children's to Adult high school and recreation classes. More recently, I taught all of the Art classes in a large urban high school and had the experience of being Department Head to three departments at the same time. The departments included Fine Arts, International Languages, and Career and Technology studies, each day was a new adventure. Teaching others to see and to appreciate the world around them and be part of their discovery has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Inspiration: I draw my inspirations from the natural world around me. My garden, strolls in the forests and ravines, drives in the surrounding countryside are always a wealth of visual stimuli.  When I visit a new area, I have a need to become failiar with the area through its parks and forests. I am comfortable wandering through the trees studying the effects of light and environmental conditions. The images that I observe make an impression. Occasionally, I sketch but primarily, I explore my reactions to the images with all of the senses.My response is not only to the images but to the touch, sounds and the developmental process of the object or scene. My aim is for the viewer to be drawn into the composition, wonder why and to add their own interpretation.