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Pat Wagensveld- Rest in Peace Dear Friend


I will always remember Pat as a person who put the welfare of others ahead of herself. She formed Studio Gallery and then VASA with the intention of creating a place where artists could exchange ideas, work and be a part of a creative environment. She was a mentor and friend to many people who passed through her life. With any endeavor she showed professionalism, dedication and a quiet resolve. I have been fortunate to have known Pat and she has imparted many tidbits of wisdom through our years of friendship. One memorable phrase she would say whenever someone left the fold for better opportunities or journeys was : " We have to Bless them on their way". So though we feel so much loss and sadness in our lives without Pat, with her spirit in mind I would like to "Bless her on her way to a better place". With all my love and condolences, Diane Way