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MaryLou Olsen


My love of painting began in the 1960’s taking my first art course with Harry Savage at the University of Alberta. Since then, I have had the wonderful opportunity of living in many diverse areas of Alberta that have inspired and enabled me to draw on those experiences of the natural and urban world. It has also allowed me to participate in many workshops and courses at the University of Alberta, Red Deer College, Calgary Continuing Education and through the honored mentoring of gifted and inspirational artists.

Capturing the excitement and discovery that initially drew me to the subject matter is the primary goal of my art. Hopefully in the course of portraying the beauty of dramatic light and color, it will enable the viewer to achieve that same joy of amazement and wonderment I initially felt. Paintings of the old masters and impressionists have influenced my style of painting; layering paint and attention to light and color. Watercolor painting is also a passion for me as it lends itself to the ethereal beauty of flowers; a favorite subject.

To date my artworks are mostly held in private collections with the exception of “Pine Along the St. Lawrence River” which is held by the City of St. Albert. This painting was painted from my photograph taken along a boat cruise among the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River, Ontario, Canada.

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