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Marjorie Goddard


Edmonton, Alberta has always been my home and I continue to reside here.  One of my favorite things about this city is the beauty of the river valley in all its seasonal glory, a true cornucopia of delights.

I also developed a deep appreciation for life outside a city, in part I am sure, due to family vacations to the mountains as well as spending many summers at my relatives horse and cattle ranch.   Nestled in the picturesque Pembina Valley alongside the Pembina River, the ranch was an amazing place to be — full of experiences, adventures, and now, fond memories, stories, all as vivid as the day they came to life.

My  first  exposure to painting was in 2010 when I attended a watercolor class offered through the Cross Cancer Institute Arts in Medicine program.  The class was Go with the Flow with artist Diane Way.  She was incredible, not only as an artist and teacher, but with her whole approach to watercolor as well.  It was through her patience, support, and unwavering encouragement that I was truly able to tap into a creativity and desire to paint that I did not realize existed.

For me it was life changing — and as I continue painting with watercolor on my own, learning as I go — I am forever grateful. 



Artist Statement:


With each and every painting it is like being on an amazing treasure hunt — full of excitement, anticipation, endless possibilities, and unexpected surprises.  Watercolor is my media of choice, breathing life into the “treasure” that began with a map composed of imagination, visualization, creativity, and tied with an emotional connection.

Watercolor by its very nature allows me to layer and blend colors in a multitude of ways, create texture and depth, yet keep a feeling of lightness that allows the viewer to feel what I would describe as being able to “breathe through the painting”. Furthermore, if I have captured the essence as portrayed in my painting, then there will be an unspoken understanding as to what moved me to create it.