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Let's Dance - A Solo Exhibition by Karen Blanchet

Let's Dance

Light is always the major consideration in all that I do. If a good light source is not available in the images I am using I decide from whence comes the illumination. Light is the foundation of the movement we see in the dancer as she glides through each phase. It is not about the dancer at all but about the cape. Fabric changes and adapts to the velocity and the pull of gravity. The center of attention needed something more than a description of the folds so a few splashes of ink and water created the exquisite texture. The joy of dance and movement leave a trail of positive energy in their wake highlighted by the stream of metallic glitter encircling the step. Each has a rhythm, together they perform. Enjoy.  

Meet the Artist:             Please join us on Saturday February 2 from 1 to 4 pm. 

                                        Artist will be in attendance


Duration of Show:        January 29 to March 2, 2013

Gallery Hours:              Tuesday to Saturday     10 am to 5 pm

                                       Thursday until                 8 pm


Other times:  by chance or by appointment 780-460-5990

Images may be sent and interviews given upon request