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Helen Davies


Born and educated in Australia,, I came to Edmonton in 1966  and taught in the Edmonton School District for a total of 30 years.  In 2003 I began painting - an extension of my primary interests in geology, geography and native plants. My instant enthusiasm for watercolour painting soon replaced other interests. I found some training in the U of A Extension Department,  in artists' workshops ( Linda Kemp, Gordon MacKenzie, Graham Flatt, Vern Busby, Karlyn Holman) and in the Edmonton Art Club.Then there were countless hours spent viewing Fine Art on the internet. Contact with the environment on the unbroken land of my recreational property  energizes by painting activities.

The seasonal colour changes and the patterns of light and shadow in rural Alberta fascinate me.  The combinations and gradations of colour and the many textures possible in watercolour painting provide an endless study. I start with many photographs of plants and ground  covers  on my property in the Ukalta Sand Dunes ( County of Laamont) and along the various routes  from Edmonton to this property. I am moving from representational paintings to more abstract ones in order to highlight particular elements of the Prairie Woodland. I want to add my mental " warp" to what I see, sometimes by adding more patterns,  by exaggeration or by adding something from my imagination.

Some of my work can be viewed in the artists' gallery of the Edmonton Art Club website -

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