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Ewart Duggan House Residency - Medicine Hat

Carla Beerens

Word came in Friday - I am so pleased I have been awarded this residency; I have been mentioning it to everyone!  I will be gone from 11 May until the 7th of June.  This is a wonderful opportunity in itself, but even more so for me, as it is well situated in my favourite Badlands area.  I will be working hard! 

"The Residency program is open to professionals whose primary areas of practice include the Arts, Heritage or Education.

Residency periods are up to 24 weeks of each year. Access to the resources of a particular area within the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, neighbour to the house, may also be arranged.

The Ewart Duggan Residency Program is open to all Canadian and international cultural professionals both established as well as emerging. All disciplines will be considered including but not limited to: writing, research, painting, drawing, print making, sculpture, ceramics, design, architecture, photography, installation, performance, video and film, filmmaking, new media, and audio. We encourage applications from diverse cultural and regional communities.

Residencies are available for research, development and projects related to work currently in progress and for new bodies of work."