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Dream Series - Vanessa Kary


DREAM SERIES - the July Show at VASA.  Meet the artist July 4th, show runs from the 3rd to 26th of July.
Dream Series is a collection of 36 original abstract paintings using colour,
movement, and the feelings from each dream as inspiration for each piece.
The series is part of my Liquid Landscapes collection and was inspired by my fascination with dreams, psychology and the desire to understand the
subconscious meaning behind my own dreams. 
After documenting my dreams for 8 months, I began to research the symbolism, recurring images, feelings, mood, colours, people and places. I would use the interpretations as guidance to my ongoing waking life situations and events. What I learned about myself was not only surprising but also quite revealing. I found the process of exploring my mind very enlightening and satisfying.
Dreams are an intricate and intimate mix of memories, wishes, fears and desires. They’re an evolving code we write within ourselves every time we fall asleep and offer deep personal insight into our own subconscious minds. Learning to decode our dreams provides a key to understanding ourselves which leads to an increased ability to deal successfully with life.