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Cheryl Moskaluk


Cheryl is a resident artist at VASA.
Cheryl is a long-time St. Albert resident who came to the city to tell its stories in journalistic form and now chooses the narrative language of paint, paper and canvas. Born in Edmonton, her first home was her grandparents’ motel cabins along the (graveled!) St. Albert Trail. She grew up in “the bush” in northern Alberta, fell in love with the wind-swept foothills of southern Alberta and returned close to her roots in St. Albert to raise a family here in the suburbs.
She began her adult exploration of art some 25 years ago with a drawing course while in the midst of a journalism career at The St. Albert Gazette. “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” was taught by one of the St. Albert Painters’ Guild’s founding members, Peg McPherson. That’s when the switch turned on! Art stayed on the back burner though, until 2001 when Cheryl enrolled in the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension’s Fine Arts Certificate program in 2000. Since then she has worked her way through a diverse exploration of subjects and media, embracing the freshness of watercolor, the tactile immediacy of charcoals, graphite and pastels, and the luscious play of oils. She has studied with Edmonton area artists such as Jim Davies, Amy Loewan, Brenda Malkinson, Jerry Heine, Noni Boyle, Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski, Laura Watmough and Gregg Johnson.

In the last five years she has worked predominately in watercolors, taking inspiration from photographing the wild wonders of Big Lake, backyard birds, baseball games, travels in Cuba, the play of light on garden flowers and autumn bicycle paths. Her current project, though, is beginning as a series of larger landscapes in oils inspired by hikes and photographs of the Willow Valley area in southwestern Alberta. She counts among her artistic inspirations, Emily Carr, the Dutch master Jan Vermeer, Group of Seven painter A.Y. Jackson, Tom Thomson, Toronto contemporary artist Monica Tap, and closer to home, Alberta wilderness painter Robert Guest. The poems of Sid Marty and the prophetic words and visions of Hildegard von Bingen have resonated in her explorations of the elemental rawness of Willow Valley, the vastness of the Alberta landscape, and our place in it.

Cheryl joined the St. Albert Painters’ Guild in 2003 and credits the Guild’s group shows as her first chance to step out and exhibit her work in an exciting and diverse environment. Finding a place to work with other artists has also been a key to continuing and thriving. Cheryl was a resident artist at Grandin Mall with the Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert beginning in 2010. She moved with VASA resident artists to the new Hemingway Artist-Run Centre, in June 2012.