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Carla Beerens


Like most artists, I have been painting and making art all my life.  From my precious stash of used, white paper and crayons at 4, to multiple media and products at present; the love of marking up pristine surfaces has never left me.  Growing up in northern BC was a blessing, beautiful landscapes and images, and not a lot of planned activities in the sparsely populated areas around Smithers.  My formative years were spent amusing myself, drawing on trees, drawing trees, ripping birch bark off trees and drawing on that, playing with the pure clay that came up by the shovel-full, and numerous other artistic ways to keep me stimulated.

I have been fortunate to study with artists and be with artists groups in BC, Ontario and Alberta.  I am finding at this point in my life, art is now dominating me and I need to be fully immersed.  I am fortunate to be able to paint full time, and be a resident artist at VASA.  Working in an artist run centre with 19 other artists is an incredible adventure.  The centre itself exudes creativity and industry, and the artists are wonderful-sharing knowledge and visual stimulation.  It is my happy place!


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