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Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky:  Portraits of Rural Alberta

An exhibition of new works by Marilynn Jeffery and David Scott.


Marilynn Jeffery

Marilynn paints the Alberta rural landscape as one who has lived there, is familiar with it's moods and lights. She presents the landscape in a soft manner, nostalgic almost like it is a landscape from another time when life wasn't so hectic or commercial.


David Scott

I aim to capture moments in time.  My work represents objects that are forgotten and left to decay: they are ‘decompositions’.  Paint peels and reveals older paint; wallpaper sheds and exposes previous treatments.  These unveilings become a visual history of the object.  The exterior and interior of an abandoned house becomes an archeological journey.  I walk through rooms, study and record objects left behind, curious about their previous owners, but careful not to disturb their rest. These houses are not only scarred by time, but also by other people passing through.  Vandalism, graffiti and broken bottles tell stories of their own.  These intrusions also become part of the building’s history.

Nature returns relentlessly to these abandoned human habitats.  Birds and rodents make these vacant spaces home, and I feel that I am trespassing on their territory as I make my way from room to room.  These old ruins will eventually succumb to nature, as plants begin to encroach upon the fallen timber. These abandoned dwellings are rich in information, texture and colour. Loose brush strokes on the canvas convey the nature of decomposition, while controlled strokes represent the patterns on a chair or creases in fabric that seek in vain to keep their form. In each painting there is a door or window, offering a way out.  The contrast between light and dark invokes strong emotion. Filtered sunlight becomes a ghostly way out of the building.  Time suspends itself, and you are caught between the darkening past and the all too bright present.

Meet the Artists: Please join us on Thursday, September 5 from 6 to 9 pm.

Artists will be in attendance

Duration of Show: September 3 to September 27, 2013

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Thursday until 8 pm

Other times: by chance or by appointment 780-460-5990

Images may be sent and interviews given upon request