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All Set for Cutting

All Set for cutting

Two out of four are completed. It is amazing how the images come to life once the final details are added and the deeper values are adjusted. Things pop. Actually all four panels are finished at this point today. When I went to cut the first two up (a necessary step in the process of mounting the images on the wall) I had forgotten the isolation coat which I like to add before I cut it up. As I was working with the other parts I realized that the painting is not quite complete anyway. I am waiting for embroidery designs so I can finalize the blouses and shirts. There may be some work left to do on the skirts too. All in all it is a good thing I did not put the isolation coat on. I suspect the touch-ups and isolation will be completed on site after the installation. In that way I will be able to make any final adjustments necessary to bring into alignment the four. That was another challenge. Usually I like to be able to view the whole image together as I am working because memory just does not cut it. How much purple did I use there? How dark are the shadows? Is the sun throwing the same angles in the shadows everywhere? Since there really are no shadows to speak of in any of the photographic references it is another example of artistic license. Dramatic light inspires dramatic paintings. Everything must be in alignment though. Soon this one will be out the door as well. I believe the unveiling takes place on the twentieth of this month…. I wonder if the walls are prepared…..