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Alan Anderson


Landscapes and areas of land untouched by human encroachment are Al's inspiration and his favorite subjects to portray on canvas.  These beautiful scenes he has captured with his camera as he travelled across Canada and throughout the world.

Al is a self-taught artist, until studying with in the 70's and 80's under the tutelage of the late John Hannley.  In 1992 he began the process of discovering watercolors, studying under Dean Reeves and Robert Bailley.

Al belongs to the St. Albert Painters Guild, is a member of VASA and has recently joined the Night of Artists and the NOA Productions Magazine.

Al has done many commissioned paintings and has sold a number of pieces which make their home in Britian, South Africa, Germany and many parts of Canada.  Al has been a resident of St. Albert many years but a Saskatchewan Prairie boy at heart.

Upcoming Events as a participant:           

Night of Artists - Straight from the Art - March 14 - 17th 2013 at Enjoy Center

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