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Abstraction to the Power of 5

Abstract to the Power of 5, VASA's show for August, features abstract works by five artists; Connie Osgood, Karin-Ann Bosma, Kristine McGuinty, Miles Constable, and Pat Wagensveld.

All are "in-house" artists at VASA's studios, all work in the abstract genre, all like to use colour and form in novel ways, but there the similarities end.  Bosma's works are abstract, yet controlled with definate map-like shapes, while Constable's works are unconstrained with bright often swirling colours and shapes.  Osgood is new to the abstract genre producing highly textured works, while McGuinty and Wagensveld are masters at the genre producing interesting and thought provoking works on paper and canvas.

Meet the Artists: Please join us on Thursday August 1 from 6 to 9 pm.

Artists will be in attendance

Duration of Show: July 30 to August 30, 2013

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Thursday until 8 pm

Other times: by chance or by appointment 780-460-5990

Images may be sent and interviews given upon request