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Sacred Places

This painting by Pat Wagensveld was chosen by her husband Harry to be displayed at the Celebration of her Life.  At first glance from across the room I felt the sense of shelter and safety combined with a strong  intimacy and communion that were portrayed by the sunflowers, not hiding but just finding themselves under a larger leaf.  Now isn't this surprising when you know that sunflowers seek the sunshine and turn toward it for life.  Somehow they find themselves there together -- maybe it isn't a sunny day and there is perhaps the threat of storm or some such.

Tom Thompson at VASA Hemingway Centre

The film documentary about Tom Thompson offered by VASA last night as part of ArtWorks Festival was excellent(Thank you VASA Board!).   Another  biography but a well done biography -- a film done in way that lets you almost be at his side as he made his journey from rural Ontario to Seattle back to Toronto and finally Canoe Lake.  Without going into great detail about the life of this legend and great inspiration to the Group of Seven and generations of Canadian painters since his death in 1917, I would like to make one comment about what suddenly struck me about him.

A New Year -- 2013

Christmas break has come and gone; the annual bonfire has roared and embered-out. . .