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Eire Paintings


Four artists, sight unseen, ventured to Bere Island, Ireland to create their own artist residency for the month of September 2012.What the artists discovered was a magical island with stunning landscape that still holds the secrets of previous centuries.The elements of the rugged landscape juxtaposed with brilliant green pastural land, the constant changing of light and colour and winds off the mighty Atlantic fuelled creativity.This exhibition represents a melding of the charm of historic Ireland with the current vision of the four artists living in Alberta today.

Creative Holidaying

I have found that travelling makes me have the most creative thoughts.  I don't know if it is the stimulation of the passing landscapes, or the fact that I am in my own little bubble looking out.  I usually travel by myself, and that gives me a lot of time to live in my head!

A New Year -- 2013

Christmas break has come and gone; the annual bonfire has roared and embered-out. . .