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New Work

Pat Wagensveld- Rest in Peace Dear Friend

I will always remember Pat as a person who put the welfare of others ahead of herself. She formed Studio Gallery and then VASA with the intention of creating a place where artists could exchange ideas, work and be a part of a creative environment. She was a mentor and friend to many people who passed through her life. With any endeavor she showed professionalism, dedication and a quiet resolve. I have been fortunate to have known Pat and she has imparted many tidbits of wisdom through our years of friendship.

Sacred Places

This painting by Pat Wagensveld was chosen by her husband Harry to be displayed at the Celebration of her Life.  At first glance from across the room I felt the sense of shelter and safety combined with a strong  intimacy and communion that were portrayed by the sunflowers, not hiding but just finding themselves under a larger leaf.  Now isn't this surprising when you know that sunflowers seek the sunshine and turn toward it for life.  Somehow they find themselves there together -- maybe it isn't a sunny day and there is perhaps the threat of storm or some such.

VASA Website Workshop Review

I highly recommend that all our members learn about the various features of the VASA website, such as setting up personal blogs, starting and adding to forums and posting member events.  I learned a lot!  It was very helpful to use Harry's computer to put the learning to use right away - like adding this new blog!

Tom Thompson at VASA Hemingway Centre

The film documentary about Tom Thompson offered by VASA last night as part of ArtWorks Festival was excellent(Thank you VASA Board!).   Another  biography but a well done biography -- a film done in way that lets you almost be at his side as he made his journey from rural Ontario to Seattle back to Toronto and finally Canoe Lake.  Without going into great detail about the life of this legend and great inspiration to the Group of Seven and generations of Canadian painters since his death in 1917, I would like to make one comment about what suddenly struck me about him.

All Set for Cutting

Two out of four are completed. It is amazing how the images come to life once the final details are added and the deeper values are adjusted. Things pop. Actually all four panels are finished at this point today. When I went to cut the first two up (a necessary step in the process of mounting the images on the wall) I had forgotten the isolation coat which I like to add before I cut it up. As I was working with the other parts I realized that the painting is not quite complete anyway. I am waiting for embroidery designs so I can finalize the blouses and shirts.

Dream Series - Vanessa Kary

DREAM SERIES - the July Show at VASA.  Meet the artist July 4th, show runs from the 3rd to 26th of July.
Dream Series is a collection of 36 original abstract paintings using colour,
movement, and the feelings from each dream as inspiration for each piece.
The series is part of my Liquid Landscapes collection and was inspired by my fascination with dreams, psychology and the desire to understand the
subconscious meaning behind my own dreams. 

Art in Public Places: St. Albert, Call for Artists ITT13-0042

Art in Public Places: St. Albert, Call for Artists ITT13-0042
25 (VASA) and 29 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue
Proposal submission deadline – June 27, 2013

Bus Tour of Harcourt House, SNAP and VASA

The AGSA is planning a bus tour of ARCs July 20th 2013.  I think this will be very interesting for some of our members.  Jenny from AGSA:  I have confirmed the final details of the bus tour that will take place on Saturday, July 20th.

The itinerary is as follows:


12:00    Pick up at AGSA, drive to Harcourt

12:45    Arrive at Harcourt House

Tour of Harcourt, (pick up Edmonton participants)

1:30     Leave Harcourt House to go to SNAP

1:45     Arrive at SNAP

        Tour SNAP

2:30     Leave SNAP

St Albert Celebrates Canada Day

Help celebrate Canada Day by showcasing the artist in you! The City of St. Albert Recreation Services is hosting an Art Trail this Monday, July 1, 2013, and we are seeking local artists, whether they stand alone, or are part of a guild, association, or other non-profit group.

Time & Location: The “Art Trail” activity is to coincide with the Lions Park/Millennium Park activities, which run from 11 am – 3 pm.

Location – the paved trail on west border of Millenium Park, between the Tache Street loop and the footbridge.