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Cynthia Booth


The biography for this artist has not yet been updated.


David Scott


David Scott spent his childhood roaming the countryside around the town of
Cambridge, New Zealand.  By the time he entered primary school David
showed a natural affinity for the visual arts.  After receiving a bursary
for outstanding artistic achievement in High School, David attended the Waikato
Polytechnic Institute, where he received a degree in Fine Arts-Painting in
1996.  Bitten by the Kiwi travel bug, David spent a few years roaming
around Europe and North America.  While on a working holiday in Canada,
David met his wife.  Precision and attention to detail guide David’s
paintbrush as he attempts to capture vivid landscapes and their inhabitants. 
Not restricted to oil, David also works in acrylic, pencil and water-colour. 

Sandy Allen



I was born and raised in New York City and grew up immersed in the arts.  Theatre, ballet, the symphony, fine art, photography were part of my life… the great museums were not just places to go once a year on a rainy Sunday afternoon… they were the places of dreams, and peace, and fitting in and where I’d be after school.

From that place in childhood, there was also a place of safety where the sunlight filtered through the trees making dappled patterns on the earth, and the world was quiet save for the birds singing. Here, I would study the beautiful details in nature and my heart would come to rest on happiness.


I was married to a Canadian, living in Ottawa, and my BFA was stalled…  ‘heart-seeing block’…  the vision and that place of happiness where one creates art was lost.  Instead graduated with an Honours B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Health Services Administration.  Worked in health care; retired this year as a national Director with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and former Director of Innovation with the Alberta Mental Health Board.

All along…

I meditated on that place of quiet safety, the dappled sunlight, the detail in nature that brought me back to my childhood.  This is what I paint; this is what I photograph.


Started studying botanical and scientific art/illustration... graphite. watercolour, coloured pencil.


MaryLou Olsen


My love of painting began in the 1960’s taking my first art course with Harry Savage at the University of Alberta. Since then, I have had the wonderful opportunity of living in many diverse areas of Alberta that have inspired and enabled me to draw on those experiences of the natural and urban world. It has also allowed me to participate in many workshops and courses at the University of Alberta, Red Deer College, Calgary Continuing Education and through the honored mentoring of gifted and inspirational artists.

Capturing the excitement and discovery that initially drew me to the subject matter is the primary goal of my art. Hopefully in the course of portraying the beauty of dramatic light and color, it will enable the viewer to achieve that same joy of amazement and wonderment I initially felt. Paintings of the old masters and impressionists have influenced my style of painting; layering paint and attention to light and color. Watercolor painting is also a passion for me as it lends itself to the ethereal beauty of flowers; a favorite subject.

To date my artworks are mostly held in private collections with the exception of “Pine Along the St. Lawrence River” which is held by the City of St. Albert. This painting was painted from my photograph taken along a boat cruise among the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River, Ontario, Canada.

Artist Website: 


Luise Mendler-Johnson


Obsessed with art since high school,  I have taken countless art classes and workshops to develop my artistic ability and experiment with new media, tools, and methods.

Creating colour and light filled landscapes and still lifes is my passion. I derive joy from capturing the beauty hidden in plain sight in our everyday surroundings throughout the changing seasons – no exotic locales required. I hope this joy translates to you, the viewer!

Art shows/Contests:

Art Gallery of St. Albert: Further Education Student Exhibit – 1993-94

Hidden Talent Student shows at Spotlight Gallery (1999-2012)

“Live, Work and Play” Juried Art Exhibition  (April 7-10, 2011, in conjunction with the 2011 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Art Awards, hosted by the City of St. Albert)

VASA Member shows – since 2012, juried since Fall 2015

Art Walk St. Albert (location: St. Albert Public Library):

SAPL’s got Talent show  - May 2013 (realistic oil paintings)

Staff Art – May 2014 & May 2015 (acrylic impressions)

St. Albert Painters Guild Shows – since Fall 2015

Fall 2014: Winner,  Art for Thank you card for Partners in Parks, City of St. Albert

Participation in Mural Mosaic projects:

Lois Hole Rose Mural

City of St. Albert Centennial Mural

Superhero Mural

Canada 150 Mural Mosaic


VASA (Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert) – 2012-

St. Albert Painter’s Guild  - 2015-

Marjorie Goddard


Edmonton, Alberta has always been my home and I continue to reside here.  One of my favorite things about this city is the beauty of the river valley in all its seasonal glory, a true cornucopia of delights.

I also developed a deep appreciation for life outside a city, in part I am sure, due to family vacations to the mountains as well as spending many summers at my relatives horse and cattle ranch.   Nestled in the picturesque Pembina Valley alongside the Pembina River, the ranch was an amazing place to be — full of experiences, adventures, and now, fond memories, stories, all as vivid as the day they came to life.

My  first  exposure to painting was in 2010 when I attended a watercolor class offered through the Cross Cancer Institute Arts in Medicine program.  The class was Go with the Flow with artist Diane Way.  She was incredible, not only as an artist and teacher, but with her whole approach to watercolor as well.  It was through her patience, support, and unwavering encouragement that I was truly able to tap into a creativity and desire to paint that I did not realize existed.

For me it was life changing — and as I continue painting with watercolor on my own, learning as I go — I am forever grateful. 



Artist Statement:


With each and every painting it is like being on an amazing treasure hunt — full of excitement, anticipation, endless possibilities, and unexpected surprises.  Watercolor is my media of choice, breathing life into the “treasure” that began with a map composed of imagination, visualization, creativity, and tied with an emotional connection.

Watercolor by its very nature allows me to layer and blend colors in a multitude of ways, create texture and depth, yet keep a feeling of lightness that allows the viewer to feel what I would describe as being able to “breathe through the painting”. Furthermore, if I have captured the essence as portrayed in my painting, then there will be an unspoken understanding as to what moved me to create it.


Memory Roth


Memory Roth  - Biography


Memory Roth was born in BC and adopted by a family who moved to Red Deer, AB when she was almost 5. This is where she spent the majority of her childhood and where she met her future husband, Bernie, at the age of 16.  When Bernie and Memory were both 21 they got married; a few years later they had a son, and eventually moved to St. Albert, AB, where their next son and daughter were born.  After the birth of their youngest child they were transferred due to her husband's work.  Four moves in five years took them away from St. Albert, but brought them back twice, and this is where they call home.

As a stay at home mom and later a school volunteer Memory kept busy with her children and their activities.  Her family has always been a priority to her; although she knew that one day she would want to pursue a career outside the home, once her youngest graduated. Before the time came Memory tried a number of different things.

In September of 2006, on a whim, Memory joined a good friend for an art class. They had talked about taking a class together but had not decided on what.  When her friend told her that she was taking a class that very night, Memory didn't really care what it was and she signed up the day the class started.

All Memory’s life she have been creative and artistic, but she never pursued art, her interests since she was young, were sewing and photography.  To her surprise, she fell in love with oil painting.  Memory continued her weekly class for two years at Hidden Talent Art Studio in St. Albert, AB with instructor and artist Laura Watmough.

Things quickly took off for Memory.  She stayed at the studio until January of 2009, just after she won an award in the International Gamblin Torrit Grey contest; the first contest she entered.  After Memory left the studio she continued painting on her own and with a few friends from time to time. Things were going well but she felt the need to strengthen her drawing skills.  She took some classes at Artra Art School in Edmonton, AB; a couple classes with Susanne Lamoureux, and a three month drawing class with Frank Haddock.  

Memory was excited about this new found passion, and her career as an artist was starting to gain momentum when tragedy unexpectedly struck her family.  In early 2012 Bernie became very ill.  She took time off from her art and everything else to take care of him, but sadly, he passed away that August.

Not quite sure if she would be able to carry on with her art, but knowing her husband was her biggest supporter she knew that if she gave it up she would be doing both him and herself a disservice.  As she was struggling with the motivation to return to her painting Memory and her kids went to Hawaii with family in November.  They went snorkeling and she had the most profound experience swimming with a turtle.  It was as if Bernie had sent the turtle to tell her to get back to the easel.  It wasn't until January of 2013 that she was able to pick up the paint brush once again, but it was the turtle that gave her the inspiration she needed.  

Memory’s subject matter is diverse, but she finds herself drawn to the portrait or that of a single subject for many of her pieces. She finds inspiration from many things and many people, but mostly, her inspiration comes from what she sees through the lens of her camera.  Painting and her lifelong love of photography have worked in perfect combination for composition and reference material for her work. 

Memory prefers working in oil and paints in a method similar to the old masters.  First painting a monochromatic underpainting and then adding colour.  In the past couple years Memory has been glazing the colours onto the painting which takes many layers and a lot of time for each painting.  For some paintings, if she has started out in black and white she may leave it that way.  She is especially drawn to detailed realism.

Memory’s family is her life and art her passion.  Going through all that she have gone through to get to this place, this moment, has given her a huge appreciation for the gifts and the strength that God has given her. Memory looks forward to the future, not knowing where it will take her, but knowing that God is guiding her, her kids are supporting her decision to pursue this career as an artist, and she knows her husband is looking down from heaven cheering her on.

Peg McPherson



Education: Earning a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Alberta was the beginning of my formal Art Eduction. Since that time, I have taken many courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, batik, computer and photography. Every exposure to a new medium or other artists becomes a source of inspiration to explore in a new direction.

I have had the pleasure of teaching art to many groups of individuals ranging from Children's to Adult high school and recreation classes. More recently, I taught all of the Art classes in a large urban high school and had the experience of being Department Head to three departments at the same time. The departments included Fine Arts, International Languages, and Career and Technology studies, each day was a new adventure. Teaching others to see and to appreciate the world around them and be part of their discovery has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Inspiration: I draw my inspirations from the natural world around me. My garden, strolls in the forests and ravines, drives in the surrounding countryside are always a wealth of visual stimuli.  When I visit a new area, I have a need to become failiar with the area through its parks and forests. I am comfortable wandering through the trees studying the effects of light and environmental conditions. The images that I observe make an impression. Occasionally, I sketch but primarily, I explore my reactions to the images with all of the senses.My response is not only to the images but to the touch, sounds and the developmental process of the object or scene. My aim is for the viewer to be drawn into the composition, wonder why and to add their own interpretation.


Rachelle LeBlanc


Rachelle LeBlanc

Contemporary Rug Hooking Artist


My name is Rachelle LeBlanc and I am a fine craft artist that uses rug hooking as an art medium.  I studied fashion at Sheridan College in Ontario and after 20 years in the Montréal garment industry, transformed my extensive knowledge of textiles and started experimenting with traditional rug hooking techniques in 2003.

After many years of working as a fashion designer, I felt a change was needed. During a weekend trip to Shelburne Museum in Vermont that change found its roots. Intrigued by the hand hooked rugs found in the museums collection, I set out to learn everything I could find on their history and how they were made.  What started out as a simple research project quickly grew into a career that I never would have imagined. 

Armed with an antique hook, I started experimenting with different techniques and materials transforming my ideas into rugs.  During those early experiments, I discovered that there was something very soothing and magical happening every time the wool transformed itself into a loop.  The slow and labor intensive nature of this technique quickly gave voice to my imagination and unleashed the creative energy I had hidden for so many years.

My work, described as contemporary figurative works made with strips of wool and cashmere are a testimony to the power of these materials to make an innovative, creative expression with integrity of statement.  My palettes are achieved by dyeing 100% wool and cashmere fabrics using natural and synthetic dyes.  With the help of my old dressmakers scissors given to me by my first boss, the woolen fabric is hand cut into strips 1/8”, ¼” or 3/8”, then hand hooked a 100% linen canvas.  The image is created with thousands of loops of wool and is executed in a manner that the creation of one work can take hundreds of hours.  Each loop is, essentially, a pixel within a dense pile, together forming intricate and subtle imagery. 

Armed with award winning works, I am now regarded as one of the top contemporary rug hooking artists working in Canada.  I am the recipient of this years Alberta Creative Development Initiative Grant to Individuals from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts,  Rug Hooking Magazines 2011 Celebrations Original Design Award, and have been a nominee for the Edmonton's "Mayor's Celebration for the Arts - Sutton Award''.

My work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across Canada and the United States including the Musée des Maître et Artisans du Québec in Montréal, and Shelburne Museum in Vermont and the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton, Alberta.

I currently have the honor of representing Alberta in the Prairie Excellence Exhibition,an exhibition of the best in Fine Craft from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Traveling to public art galleries throughout the prairie provinces such as the Art Gallery of Regina, Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary, the Anity Gallery in Saskatchewan, and the University of Winnipeg Gallery in Winnipeg.

Gail Seemann



For three decades Gail Seemann used her creativity to style hair, teach cosmetology, and make occasional forays into painting classes. While her two sons attended college she completed an apprenticeship program through Artra Art School and was delighted to find a world of subjects to paint! She continues to take workshops from artists she admires to stimulate development of new ideas and techniques. She experiments with many mediums, but her strongest preference is for oils.

Artist Website: