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Maureen Woolley


I have lived in Alberta for most of my life and have always had an interest in art. In 1986 I took a watercolor class through continuing education and I was hooked!  After early retirement from teaching, I have been able to spend many hours painting.  Alberta's diverse landscape and the interplay of color and light through all the seasons continues to fascinate me.  I hope to inspire a memory to viewers with my paintings - whether it is a rural scene or a cityscape.  I currently work with both fluid acrylic and watercolor in an effort to show the play of light on a variety of subjects ....some real, but many are just my imaginings.


I was an active member of the ASSC (Sherwood Park) from 1989 - 1994. Since 2011, I have been a member of the Edmonton Art Club. For the past 3 years I have taken part in group painting with the Ottewell Neighbours group.  In addition to hosting a semi-annual homeshow, I have been part of group shows with the Edmonton Art Club at various venues throughout Edmonton. For the most part my artwork is in private collections throughout Alberta and southern Ontario.

Betty Dean


While completing my Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta, I majored in fine arts and loved the time spent in the studio. After many years focusing on my career, I have returned to painting and print making. My work is influenced by the Group of Seven, particularly the landscapes of Varley and Thomson, by Emily Carr and Walter Phillips, Georgia O’Keeffe, and countless local artists. I have always loved the Impressionists, particularly Monet and Cezanne, and the remarkable ways light permeates their work. 

I have studied at the Banff Centre, with several local artists, with Linda Kemp, Gordon MacKenzie and Karlyn Holman. I am a member of the Edmonton Art Club and the Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert. 

I have always been awed by the beauty of nature, and have been absorbed by the challenges of capturing that beauty in water color, acrylic or mixed media. 

You can view my work at


Artist Website:


Helen Davies


Born and educated in Australia,, I came to Edmonton in 1966  and taught in the Edmonton School District for a total of 30 years.  In 2003 I began painting - an extension of my primary interests in geology, geography and native plants. My instant enthusiasm for watercolour painting soon replaced other interests. I found some training in the U of A Extension Department,  in artists' workshops ( Linda Kemp, Gordon MacKenzie, Graham Flatt, Vern Busby, Karlyn Holman) and in the Edmonton Art Club.Then there were countless hours spent viewing Fine Art on the internet. Contact with the environment on the unbroken land of my recreational property  energizes by painting activities.

The seasonal colour changes and the patterns of light and shadow in rural Alberta fascinate me.  The combinations and gradations of colour and the many textures possible in watercolour painting provide an endless study. I start with many photographs of plants and ground  covers  on my property in the Ukalta Sand Dunes ( County of Laamont) and along the various routes  from Edmonton to this property. I am moving from representational paintings to more abstract ones in order to highlight particular elements of the Prairie Woodland. I want to add my mental " warp" to what I see, sometimes by adding more patterns,  by exaggeration or by adding something from my imagination.

Some of my work can be viewed in the artists' gallery of the Edmonton Art Club website -

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Val Solash



When I retired twelve years ago, I decided to get serious about art. I enrolled with the U of A Extension and eventually got my certification in Fine Arts in both the painting and drawing streams. Since then, I have really enjoyed this wonderful pastime.

I have dabbled in many mediums, but tend to go back to acrylic and I still do a bit of monotyping.  I have enjoyed all my artist friends and look forward to a few more years at the easel.

Madeleine Arnett


The water of rivers and ponds has been the inspiration for my artistic
journey. A balcony view of the sparkling waters of the Elbow River in
Calgary triggered my career as an artist. It was an epiphany, the moment
I decided to become an artist. The river kindled my desire to paint
even though I had no formal art background. My art has evolved from
small watercolors to large format acrylics on canvas. I now paint almost exclusively in acrylic.
Exploring the nature of fluidity in my acrylic “River Rock” series, I
paint images of submerged river rocks. Textured rocks form intricate
patterns and seem to liquefy in the clear shallow river. I love to paint
water, its energy and its distortion. The water becomes a kaleidoscope
and rocks naturally morph into dazzling abstraction. I layer intricate
patterns of curving, rippling light to elucidate the transparent and
elusive nature of water. I paint loosely and quickly in an energetic style to capture the
synergy of the flowing water, the dancing light and the jewel-like
colors of the wet rocks. By careful use of color, I add harmony and
balance to the chaos of detail in the river bed.

When I took the leap to pure abstraction in my acrylic Abstract
Series, I began to explore the fluid dynamics of the paint itself; the
swirling lines of lively color shift and mix on the canvas. The paint is
now both the subject matter and the application. My technique of
pouring and mixing directly on the canvas maintains the essence of
fluidity. There is almost playfulness in the process. I alternate
styles, techniques, and tools, in my dynamic and energetic process. I
paint loosely and quickly as I switch between brushes, palette knives
and color shapers to capture the synergy of the flowing paint. Traces of
my River Rock Series are echoed in some of my abstract works; layers of
rippling color are evident like the sedimentary formations in my rock




Vanessa Kary


Inspired to create art at an early age, Vanessa excelled in art studies throughout her 12 years of public school. After graduating from Medicine Hat High School in 1996, she attended the Visual Communications program at Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She continued to apply her artistic skills in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, illustration, lithography, art history, graphic design and website design classes.  In 2005, she enrolled in the Architectural Technologies program at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta where she graduated with honors in 2007.

After working full-time over the next three years at a Calgary Architecture Firm, in early 2010, Vanessa felt an overwhelming creative urge and desire to express herself. She started painting again and her passion for abstract expressionism began to emerge.

Since 2010, Vanessa’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows across Alberta and has been sold to private collectors across North America. She has also donated works to various charity events and fundraisers in Calgary, Alberta, including the Art Gallery of Calgary’s Annual fundraising Art Auction “Masterpiece Contemporary” in March of 2013.

She’s continues to paint in her home studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Artist Website: 

Sonja Voigt


 Bio of Sonja Voigt
Sonja’s Interest in drawing and painting started at an early age
She studied with various art teachers in Germany, then continued in Canada with Calgary `s painter and illustrator Neil Brown.
After moving to Edmonton she studied with Russ Hogger from the Borealis group.
She also took a workshop with Susan Loutas, which woke, up her love for pastel.
A further workshop with Lewis Lavoie inspired her to produce illustrative work for a book.
She continued her love of art by studding as an apprentice under Frank Haddock, since then she developed her own style in using acrylics.
Her work has included sculpture, illustrative work, fine art and creative assignments.
She has a passion for undertaking new art forms and finding artistic solutions for challenging artwork.
After graduating from the Academy of Realist Art in 2004
She is now a freelance artist, illustrator and available for any art projects.

Her work was exhibited:
Permanent installment on the Old Strathcona electrical box 101 St 82.Ave for Centennial Legacy # 16 Botticelli Dreams,Galileo Knows
At the Galleria of Crafters and Artisans Capilano Shopping Center
at the Gallery Seven at the Artwalk in St. Albert
Annual Art Auction for the Art Gallery of St. Albert   
at W.A.R.E.  Gift shop at St Albert place
Biannually at Painters Guild Shows in St. Albert City Hall  

The mural for the Centennial Celebration of Alberta and Saskatchewan the Buffalo Twins panel # 112
St. Albert Legacy Community Mural panel #
The mural Alberta Bouquet for the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards panel # 59 and # 60
Cultivate life in St. Albert Mural Panel # 3 the Place to be
and # 124 City of Saints for

Illustrating the children book series mike the magic dog

Her latest work is available at:
Art Rental and Sales Gallery

Please contact sonja by email



Peter Gegolick


Hello, here's some quick facts about me and what I do:

Me - I am currently a resident of St. Albert and have been for most of my life. I am introverted 26 years old with the imagination of someone twenty years younger, which I think is a good thing. I would like to think of myself as an artist that has an Engineering hobby. 

Art History - I have only began getting serious about my art in October 2012. Before that, I have dabbled in a number of different mediums and created a number of unorthodox styles and techniques over the last ten years. Some of the things I have worked with are: hand cut vinyl graphics, painting clothing using silkscreen inks, block printing, watercolour and acrylics and their related mediums. Recently, I have started to push into more of an abstract realm and started to incorporate some of my old styles and motifs into my new works.

Inspirations & Directions - A majority of my art centers around girls, specifically their faces, and the colour blue. Don't ask me why, I think it is something about the natural beauty that I find in women and how much you can read from a person's face. As far as the blue thing goes, I just like it. I hope to use more colours in the future.

A lot of my style is derived from pop art, tattoos, skateboard/snowboard graphics, video games and electronic music. I make pieces that are interesting to me, even if they outside the ordinary art tastes. Ordinary things bore me anyways.

Future - Although I have only had a single piece in one art showing (here at VASA during Wet Paint), I am looking to expand my repertoire and hopefully showcase some of my work in a local gallery sometime this year.



Luise Mendler-Johnson


Obsessed with art since high school,  I have taken countless art classes and workshops to develop my artistic ability and experiment with new media, tools, and methods.

Creating colour and light filled landscapes and still lifes is my passion. I derive joy from capturing the beauty hidden in plain sight in our everyday surroundings throughout the changing seasons – no exotic locales required. I hope this joy translates to you, the viewer!

Art shows/Contests:

Art Gallery of St. Albert: Further Education Student Exhibit – 1993-94

Hidden Talent Student shows at Spotlight Gallery (1999-2012)

“Live, Work and Play” Juried Art Exhibition  (April 7-10, 2011, in conjunction with the 2011 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Art Awards, hosted by the City of St. Albert)

VASA Member shows – since 2012, juried since Fall 2015

Art Walk St. Albert (location: St. Albert Public Library):

SAPL’s got Talent show  - May 2013 (realistic oil paintings)

Staff Art – May 2014 & May 2015 (acrylic impressions)

St. Albert Painters Guild Shows – since Fall 2015

Fall 2014: Winner,  Art for Thank you card for Partners in Parks, City of St. Albert

Participation in Mural Mosaic projects:

Lois Hole Rose Mural

City of St. Albert Centennial Mural

Superhero Mural

Canada 150 Mural Mosaic


VASA (Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert) – 2012-

St. Albert Painter’s Guild  - 2015-

Stephanie Gruss


has studied from 1983-1990 with Yael Niemeyer at Musik-und Kunstschule Bielefeld painting, drawing, sculpture and performance, which founded the basis for her multidimensional expression. After learning dressmaking, she took different apprentices in theatre ateliers and with a theatre designer in Germany. Her main motivation has always been learning by doing.

During her study at the Hogeschool for beeldende Kunsten Theatre Design from
1991-1993, it became clear that her strength is in art and space design with a therapeutic or trans-formational purpose.
Projects like Meditation Wonderland followed between 1992-1993 initiated by Mariet Wijnen of the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands, in which she created art rooms that supported Self Therapy Procedures-the beginning of meditation influenced art.

During 1990-1999 her paintings were marking different stages of experimenting with meditation and expressing the findings of her inner world on paper, the medium mainly oil crayon and drawing.

When she discovered the ancient art of Feng Shui in Amsterdam at the Kushi Institute from 1995-1997, she realized that she wanted to create art that supports the chi flow in a space. She got invited to join the Vogelfei `99 Project, that was initiated by two Galleries of Darmstadt. The purpose of this project was, to bring art out of the museum into people`s private space open to the public. Each artist choose a garden of a private home, for which he or she would create something. In this project Nanda Stephanie Gruss brought for the first time all the elements of her different studies of theatre, art, Feng Shui and performance together and participated with Wildnis- Wandlung ins Nichts des Herzens. This project had 1000 of visitors from around Germany.

Two moderations of this Installation were done in 2000, when she participated in an old ruin at the rheinart 2000 Exposition and in 2001 at the Ausstellung Kaller Künstler when she placed the Installation in the entrance of a school building.

In 2003 she started her own business with Transformational art like paintings as well as objects for spaces, Feng Shui Consultation and Space clearing. Her way of working is that she has inner visions of certain structures and forms while meditating in a specific space and these become the basis of what she expresses than on canvas, paper or trevira voile.

Watching and listening to the movements of nature and invisible energy forms is a major aspect of her motivation. She is emotional sensitive and expressive. Her purpose is to balance energies in herself and the surrounding. Structures that appear are plants, flowers, animals, energetic patterns and colours. She works in a way very translucent with different layers over each other. Watercolours, acrylic and oil crayon have been her main medium.

For more information and interest of purchase call 780-297-8975